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Bicycle Tours FAQ

The following is a list of the most frequent asked questions by visitors.

Q: How about my fitness levels?
A: The fitter you are the more you will be able to enjoy the tour. It is generally better to choose a tour that matches your capabilities or one that you feel you can handle it. Most participants have a regular job and only spare time for recreational activities. Accordingly cycling at home after a eight-hour working day is a little more difficult than cycling during a vacation when you are able to leave the stress of work behind. Only a small percentage of the tour mileage is considered advanced or steep uphill climbing. Thus, most of it is easy uphill, flat or downhill.†Menthal attituede is everything.

Q: How should I prepare for the tour?
A: First of all: this is a vacation and not a race. Secondly: this really depends on the type of tour. Third: this depends on the fitness level you are starting from. We encourage you to get on a bike at least one month prior to the tour. You can also†walk, swim or prepare with other fitness programs. We recommend to start with one hour of cycling at three times a week. Find a hill and practice riding up several times even if it means stopping or walking a few times. This will help you to find out what is comfortable for you. Check up on comfortable clothing, helmets and other equipment that suits you best. Take always some food and water with you. Do not train for the tour up to a point that you are tired before the tour starts.

Q: What kind of bikes do you rent or use?
A:†We rent 3 different styles. Available brands are: Cannondale, Rocky Mountain and Norco. Please refer to each individual tour for rental rates. Note: some tours are including bike rental. You further have a choice of pedals and saddles.

Hybrids - a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike.† We rent 24-speed hybrid bikes with lockable suspension and road tires for better cycling efficiency than your typical hybrid.†This bike has a relaxed riding position and is great for beginners and intermediate riders.

Road Bikes - a racing style bike with drop handlebars. We rent road bikes with 24-speed Shimano 105, aluminum frames, carbon front forks and carbon rear stays. This is a faster bike than the hybrids with a more aggressive riding position.

Mountain Bikes - full suspension bike with knobbly tires. We rentmountain bikes with full suspension and disc brakes.† Great for our mountain bike adventures but † the suspension and knobbly tires make it a little too hard work for our road rides.

Q: Can I bring my own bike?
A: Yes of course. Most airlines are transporting bikes without charges. Make sure your equipment is properly packaged to avoid any damages.

Q: Can I rent other biking equipment?
A: Yes. You can rent helmets, storage bags, water bottles etc. Some of our tours are including these items. Please refer to each individual itinerary.

Q: Do I have to carry my own luggage?
A: No - all tours are Van supported. We take care of your luggage during the entire tour. The van is also always available if you donít want to bike anymore.

Q: How about bike repairs?
A: We can assist with minor repairs but we are not equipped for major repairs because we can not carry an inventory of parts for certain models.

Q: How about accommodation?
A: We use a variety of hotels in the ***/**** category as well as deluxe mountain lodges and seaside resorts. Our rates are based on double occupancy. Some tours provide a camping option. Please refer to each individual tour. A single supplementary room charge may apply if you choose to book a single room.

Q: How about group size and fellow travelers?
A: We operate tours with with a minimum/maximum of 04-12 guests. Like you, other travelers will also have a spirit for adventure and the groups bound very fast. About 60 % are couples and 40 % are single travelers. The average cyclist is 40 years old. Thus, we have guests in their 20ís and even some in their 80ís.

Q: What kind services are included in your Tours?
A: Please refer to the appropriate tour page for a listing of includings. Our service † generally includes accommodation, meals, all applicable taxes, ferry transportation †as scheduled, transfers, sightseeing as per itinerary, professional guide service, van support, bike and equipment rentals - when indicated.†

Q: How is the weather?
A: Weather is always unpredictable. So please carry appropriate rain gear with you.