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Pyna-tee-ah - 100 Mile House Area
The Cariboo Mountains area is noted for spectacular scenery, abundant wildlife and world-class fly-fishing. Four major Parks - Cariboo Mountains -, Cariboo River -, Bowron Lake - and Wells Gray Park border this wilderness region. The renovated, comfortable cabins are situated on a beautiful stretch of secluded lakeshore property on the south shore of Quesnel Lake featuring shared bath facilities including hot showers and flush toilets. The lodge building houses the pro shop and the dining room where delicious home cooked meals and friendly hospitality are enjoyed. After a day of fishing relax in the large outdoor patio.
Wild Rainbow And Screamin’ Reels!!
In early spring the sockeye salmon fry emerge from the egg and make their way to the surface for their first gulp of air to fill their swim bladders as they begin their life cycle which will take them on their long journey to the ocean. They begin that journey by spending the first year of their life in Quesnel Lake where they are the major food source for the legendary Quesnel Lake rainbows. For protection the fry travel in large schools often 3 to 30 feet across.

You know, when you see a big dorsal fin and fantail slashing across the water’s surface and try leaping out of the water in all directions, that a big rainbow is on the prowl. Now is the time for the fisherman’s fly to be presented on the water as the hungry rainbow gathers everything within its reach. Another favorite trick of the big ‘bows is for a few of them to hold a large body of fry up against a rock bluff or steep obstruction along the shore so that they can feed on them at their leisure. We have developed our own highly effective fry and smolt patterns as well as fly fishing methods. Our preference is 6 weight rods with a sink tip line and long leaders.

The Quesnel Lake rainbows are recognized as a unique strain and one of the largest wild rainbow trout on the planet. They are a slow growing and late maturing fish. Some of these fish do not spawn until they are 8 - 10 years old. They can reach weights of up to 30 pounds. Their fighting ability is legendary. This is a truly awesome wilderness fishing experience.
Fishing Package
Rates per person in CAD$
May 15 - July 31
5 Day / 5 Night Package $1787.00
8 Day / 8 Night Package $2615.00
Wild Rainbows And Screamin’ Reels Package Include
♦  Accommodation ( based on double occupancy )
♦  All meals
♦  Fully guided fishing
♦  Boats, motor, gas, fly tackle
♦  On-site fly fishing instruction
♦  Fishing license
♦  Ground transportation to/from Williams Lake
♦  GST Tax
♦  PST Tax

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