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FAQ Horseback Riding

Departures: Check in is usually around 8:00 am. It is not necessary to check-in early or the day before. After check-in, you will be taken by van to your departure point where you will meet your guide, who will explain some basic trail riding guidelines.

Getting to your Destination: Please contact us for further details.

Accommodation: It is essential that you make your Hotel or B&B reservation near our location well in advance. The summer (high) season is extremely busy, and you may have great difficulty finding accommodation††

Car & Luggage:† Your extra luggage and valuables may be left in our care. You can also leave your vehicle at our stables. We do not recommend leaving anything of value in your car while on your trip.

Temperatures: Mother Nature can be unpredictable and therefore our guests need to come prepared for every type of weather. Clothing that is easily layered works the best. You can always remove what you don't need, but you still have it just in case. Also, bring your most comfortable gear - this is not the time to break-in new boots or a new hat.

Average Mountain Temperatures

Month†††††††††† High††††††††††† Low
June†††††††††††† 19C / 66F††† 5C / 41F
July†††††††††††††† 22C / 71F††† 7C / 45F
August††††††††† 22C / 70F††† 7C / 44F
September†††† 16C / 60F††† 3C / 38F

These are average temperatures at an elevation of 4500 ft / 1500 m. Temperatures may drop at higher elevations.

Gear up for any type of Weather: The following outlines the items you need to bring with you. It is essential that our guests be prepared for all kinds of mountain weather. We have had many years of personal experience dealing with Mother Nature, so please take our list and recommendation serious.

You must pack your gear in soft-sided, cloth or nylon bags. It should not have any hard edges, frames or wheels.

The following list details essential items to bring with you:

Sleeping Bag: A warm sleeping bag -- We recommend a bag rated to -15 degrees Celsius or 5 degrees Fahrenheit. You may not need one quite that warm, but it sure comes in handy if you do. To further keep you snug and warm, we also recommend that you bring a flannel sheet or non-bulky blanket that fits inside your sleeping bag.

Tarp: A treated canvas tarp used to wrap under and around your sleeping bag to help keep you warm and dry during the night. This can also be used during the day to waterproof your sleeping bag. Tarps can often be found at army surplus and outdoor stores. Heavy cotton found at a fabric store can be waterproofed and serve the same purpose. Although canvas tarps are what we use and recommend, you are welcome to bring the bedroll of your choice. We have a limited supply of 8'x10' treated canvas tarps for rent for $5/day. If you are interested in this service, please book early. These are available for pick up upon check in and are rented out on a cash only basis.

Mattress: A self-inflatable mattress (e.g. Thermarest) works the best to ensure a comfortable night's sleep. You will be sleeping on a wooden floor in your tent.

Coat: Essential to ward off chilly nights or a windy day. Also bring a heavy sweater (wool is a great insulator) or fleece jacket.

Rain Gear: A raincoat and rain pants, and if possible, coverings for your boots and hat. Please do not bring rain ponchos, they flap in the wind and spook the horses. Gore Tex works at itís best. If you have an oilskin slicker, we definitely recommend that you bring it. We have a limited number of full-length oilskin slickers for rent for $7/day. If you are interested in this service, please book early. Slickers are available for pick up upon check-in and are rented out on a cash only basis.

Shirts: 2 Sweatshirts, 1 long-sleeved shirt (turtleneck if you prefer) and 2 t-shirts. Adjust according to the length of your trip.

Jeans: We suggest one pair for riding in during the day and another pair for wearing around camp. Two pairs of jeans are all you should need on any of our trips. Also important is a pair of long underwear for chilly nights.

Riding Boots: A boot with a heel that can easily slip in and out of stirrups. Alternatives would be a narrow style of hiking boot or solid sneaker. For safety reasons, clunky hiking boots are not recommended. Plastic bags inside your boots will help keep your feet dry on rainy days.

Sneakers: or an extra pair of shoes for wearing around camp. An extra pair of dry socks is also recommended.

Toiletries/Medication: Towel, facecloth, biodegradable shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, disposable razors, etc. Please note that we do not have any electricity at the outdoor camps. Sunglasses and mosquito repellent are important as well

Flashlight: Remember to check your batteries!

Hat: A cowboy hat offers the most protection from the elements. Baseball caps or canvas-type hats are also fine.

Gloves: Lined leather or suede gloves provide protection from the elements and a sure grip on the reins (bring two pair just in case).

Scarf: A silk or cotton scarf/bandana is recommended.

Your Camera: Don't forget extra film.

Chaps: If you have them, bring them.

Liquor: Please make sure that all bottled liquor is well-wrapped in plastic and placed in the middle of your duffel to prevent it from breaking. Plastic bottles are preferred. Please remember that alcohol is included in your 30 lb weight limit on your duffel bags.

Cellular Phones: Do not work in most areas you'll be riding in.

Water Bottle: For refreshment while you are riding.

Your gear is restricted to a total maximum weight of 30 lbs (sleeping bag, thermorest pad, and your duffel). It's a good idea to line the inside of your bag with garbage bags for waterproofing. You may pack your sleeping bag and mattress separately from your other gear.

Your coat, rain gear, hat and gloves are packed separately from your duffel and are either worn or tied with saddle strings to the back of your saddle. Saddlebags, rain gear and other essentials that you are taking on your horse with you are not included in the 30lb weight restriction.

If you would like to bring saddlebags please fill them with only those essential items that you would need during the day, such as lip balm, your camera, sunscreen, etc. We reserve the right to limit the amount of gear in the saddlebags for weight. Fanny packs (a small pack that ties around the waist) also work well. Daypacks, backpacks or other bags are not allowed because they are hard on your back and hard on the horse's back, and do not tie properly to the saddle. We have a limited supply of saddlebags for rent for $2/day, however we suggest you book them early, as last year this was a popular service. These are available for pick up upon check in (sorry, no earlier), and are rented out on a cash only basis.

Equipment Rental: If you need to rent some of the equipment Banff, Jasper, Calgary and Vancouver have a variety of equipment rental agencies.

Banff Area - Bactrax/Snowtips Located at 225 Bear Street

Please contact us for further information.