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West Canada Hiking Tours
Private Backcountry Hiking Eco Trips, Chilkotin Mountain Hiking Tours, Canada Eco Tours, Small Group Hiking Tours, Chilkotin Backpacking,
British Columbia Eco System, BC Hiking Guide Directory, Chilcotin Mountains Guided Backcountry Tours, Nimpo Lake Bella Coola Highway
5 Day Chilcotin Eco Hiking Tour Packages
HT#17 Private Chilcotin Eco Hiking Packages
Overview: These backpacking tours will use cabins for the most part with the addition of tents for the trips covering longer distances. The tours are designed to minimize load carrying and are flexible: ie. they can be altered to a more comfortable program if weather conditions are poor. Emphasis on each tour varies and is on observing and enjoying this little-known ecosystem rather than route-marching. There will be a maximum of six and a minimum of two persons on each tour. The tour guide is a naturalist all her life, Chris specializes in alpine plants and this has provided the focus for many of the guided hikes.
Itinerary #01 Birding / #03 + #05 Wildflower Meadows
The best time for birders. Hermit thrushes, Clarks Nutcrackers, Gold-crowned Sparrows and Fox sparrows predominate. Plant lovers will enjoy rarely seen early species such as Richards Anemone and the showy Paysons Draba. It can be fairly wet underfoot at this time of year but the thick snow still lying on the peaks adds extra grandeur to the scenery.

Day 01 Fly in during the morning. A short afternoon hike close to home explores a series of subalpine meadows which are home to Savannah Sparrows and Northern Spotted Frogs. Day 02 To the Mammaries! (You’ll see why they are called that when you get there!) The earliest rock alpines will be emerging: Jacobs Ladder; Three-toothed Saxifrage and Mountain Goldenrod among others. Day 03 To Boundary Lake on the edge of the Tweedsmuir Provincial Park. Travel by foot and canoe. Very little elevation gain but it is fascinating how the flora and fauna changes as we move the short distance west. Day 04 Either a do-it-yourself day or an energetic hike up Louise O’Murphy. Day 05 Fly out or stay longer if you wish.
Itinerary #02 Rock Alpine Plants / #08 Fall Colors
A rock alpine plant special. A large variety of rock alpines, such as the rare and little-known Gentianella tenella, mingle with Alp Lilies; Creeping Azalea; Mist Maiden and eight species of Saxifrage in a high, north-facing valley. Unfortunately, this magical place can be reached only by backpacking.

Day 01 Fly in during the morning and take an afternoon stroll around subalpine meadows close to home. White Bog Orchids will be filling the air with their scent and the carnivorous Butterwort will be doing its best to keep the bug population down. Day 02 Hike and canoe to a dramatic campsite at treeline. About five hours travel altogether – half by canoe. Three hundred metres (1000’) elevation gain. Some of the gear will be carried by my two packdogs, Max and Bucky. Day 03 Explore the famous bluffs. Climbing can be avoided but some scrambling may be required to reach the more delectable species. Day 04 Return to Nuk Tessli Fly out if you wish, but for people who would like to stay longer, a day hike to the Mammaries, either guided or on your own, will add more species to your list. The five species of heather are usually spectacular at this time of year.
Itinerary #04 / #06 Wildflowers
A couple of years ago a new cabin was erected on Wilderness Lake, 175 metres (500') higher and 13kms (8 miles) south of Nuk Tessli. It is right on the treeline and surrounded by some exciting hiking country.

Day 01 Fly in late morning and visit one of the prettiest flower creeks in the area. Day 02 Hike among moraines and walk on a small glacier. Day 03 Hike down to my lake, about five hours. It is a pretty hike with great views of lakes and mountains. You will be carrying your personal gear only, assisted by my two trusty packdogs, Max and Bucky. Stay the night in the cabins at Nuk Tessli. Day 04 An optional short hike or do as you please. (I will have to stay close to home in the morning to make my famous home-made bread in my home-built outdoor stone oven.) Day 05 To The Mammaries, below which there is a sea of flowers at this time of year.
Itinerary #07 Backcountry Camping
At the apex of this hike is a waterfall. It is a camping trip but the backpacking will be minimal.

Day 01 Fly in during the morning, take a short hike in the afternoon, and stay in my cabins for the night. Day 02 Pack a camp (with the aid of my packdogs, Bucky and Raffi) through a series of meadows to an alpine lake. Normal walking time 3 hours: elevation gain 175 metres (500'). Day 03 Hike to the waterfall in Incompetence Valley. Fitter hikers might reach the waterfall on day two, camp there, and spend day three climbing a peak with spectacular views. Day 04 Hike home and enjoy the luxury of a cabin and home-cooked meals. Day 05 Fly out or stay longer if you wish.
Difficulty/Fitness Level: 1
Dates & Rates per Person in CAD$
Tour #
Departure Date
#01 Birding On Request $975.00
#02 Rock Alpine Plants On Request $975.00
#03 Wildflower Meadows On Request $975.00
#04 Wildflowers On Request $975.00
#05 Wildflower Meadows On Request $975.00
#06 Wildflower Meadows On Request $975.00
#07 Camping Trip On Request $975.00
#08 Fall Colors On Request $975.00
Services Included
• 5 Day Wilderness Eco Tour
• 4 Night Cabin Accommodation
• Professional Guide Service
• Float Plane Fly in/out from Nimpo Lake
• Park Access Fees
• All Meals
• GST Tax

Note: Rates are based on 2 Clients per Trip
Please deduct $100.00 per Person for 3 Clients per Trip
Please deduct $150.00 per Person for 4 Clients per Trip