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BC Kayak Tours, Barclay Sound Sea Kayaking, Johnstone Strait Kayak Trips, Broken Island Group KayakTrips, Vancouver Island Kayaking
Canada Adventure Camping Trips, Whale Watching Kayak Trips, West Canada Outdoor Adventure Tours, Guided Kayaking Tours in BC
04 / 07 Day Barklay Sound & Broken Island Group Kayaking
KBC#02 The Broken Island Group / Barklay Sound
Situated on the west coast of Vancouver Island, the Barkley Sound / Pacific Rim National Park are a magnificent setting for sea kayaking. Explore the meeting place of the vast Pacific Ocean and the dense British Columbia forest. Our trip focussed around the wild and spectacular scenery of the Broken Islands Group, part of the Pacific Rim National Park. Paddle past trees with branches twisted by the storms of winter and peer into the sea caves sculpted by the chisel of the waves. Standing beside a blowhole on the rocky shore listen to the "breath" of the ocean swells. From high atop an exposed bluff search for dwarfed pines and hardy wildflowers that eke out a precarious existence. Wildlife is abundant. Birders will thrill to frequent sightings of the many species of birds - found in the Broken Islands. On a calm day we may venture out into the gentle swell of the open Pacific, where sea lions haul their massive bodies onto barren rocks to sun and socialize amidst the deafening roar of their rookery. In contrast to the wild quality of the outer islands is the quiet serenity of the inner islands. Our kayaks will weave between myriad tiny islands in the shade of towering evergreen trees. Drifting across a mirrored saltwater lagoon we invite you to simply sit back, look, and listen. Through the hush of the old-growth forest come the pure warbling tones of a hermit thrush. High overhead an eagle circles effortlessly, then drops from the sky to pull a salmon from the sea. Peer down through crystal clear water to spot fish darting among a forest of giant kelp. Back on shore, take time to poke around the aquarium of a tidepool, observe a mother mink moving her kits across the beach, or just retire against a log, listen to the plaintive call of a loon, and watch the sun slip slowly into the Pacific.
Itinerary #01
Port Alberni
Arrive this afternoon in Port Alberni where we will give you a briefing on how to pack and what to expect in the days to come. We'll issue your gear for the week, including the dry bags to pack your personal gear in. You overnight at a nice Bed and Breakfast in Port Alberni. In the evening you meet the remaining group for a welcome dinner (not included).
Port Alberni - Broken Group Islands / Barkley Sound
After a delicious full breakfast we will be shuttled to the Port Alberni dock where the ship is berthed at around 7:30 am. We will be taking the MV Frances Barkley, the MV Lady Rose or another vessel from Port Alberni to the Broken Group Islands. Once we load our gear we'll likely have time for photos and general milling. The ship takes a leisurely 3 hour journey down the Port Alberni Inlet to Sechart Dock, where we'll disembark. Watch the beaches along the inlet for bears & eagles. Food and beverages are available on the ferry at the galley. We serve a yummy lunch an hour or so before we land. The ferry will unload the totes onto the dock. All of our kayaks, paddles, life vests, sponges & self-rescue equipment will be at Sechart Lodge. The guides take care of the gear and food and help fit you in your kayak. We will be using double kayaks, which have a front, middle and rear hatch for storing gear. On the beach your guides will go over how to get into the kayaks, and how to paddle and steer. Before we get into the kayaks we will have a 5 minute stretch, just like we do before we start our paddling each day. We'll cover safety issues and then we'll get in and paddle in the sheltered bay for a few minutes so you can get a feel for the boats. Then we'll head for our first campsite.
Broken Group Islands
We'll get up early today to paddle to the outside of the Broken Group Islands. We'll fortify ourselves with a tasty and fresh breakfast, then begin another day of exploration. We will be paddling 3 - 4 hours each day, with snack & bathroom breaks approximately every hour. Most of the paddling will be in the morning when the winds tend to be calmer, so we'll be up early and then have time for naps in the afternoon. We will paddle at a leisurely pace. If we are lucky with our tides and winds, we'll float over some amazing tidal pools of batstars, sea cucumbers, sea anenomes & sea urchins, to name a few. In choosing the island that we go to camp we weigh many factors including group strength, sea state.

Weather and the presence of other kayakers. The Broken Group Islands are better suited for exploration than expedition style sea kayaking. We tend to stay on one island and set up a base camp for our four nights' stay. Each day our guides present a different travel theme based on the direction we travel, and each day we explore a different area. The area is a National Park with designated campsites (and nice solar outhouses!). Summer is a busy time in the Park, and some campsites have maximum capacities. We know all the campsites and will make for the best one available, conditions permitting. In the late summer and fall the Park gets quiet. Sometimes we'll be the only kayakers camping on an island. The nights in the fall are slowly getting longer and we bring a propane lantern to read and play games by. Today evening is a good night to stay up and look at the stars and hang out by the fire as we don't have to get up early tomorrow.
Broken Group Islands
After a hearty breakfast we'll leave our tents set up for another night, and head out for a morning paddle around some of the hundreds of charming islands in the area. We'll come back to the campsite for lunch. Guests can go out for an afternoon paddle, or for a hike around the island, or set up a prime viewing spot against some driftwood on the sand, stare off into the horizon, and have a snooze. Our guides will prepare a gourmet dinner. Weather permitting we dine on the beach. We always have a large bomber group tarp for protection from the sun and rain. Evenings are for visiting by the fire and watching the moon and the stars. If the conditions permit, some or all of us can go for an evening paddle before the sun sets.
Broken Group Islands
We'll get up around 7am so that we can go out for a day trip and visit more remote parts of the Broken Group Islands. We'll find a nice spot for lunch and explore a bit of the island if possible or hang out on a beach. We schedule some quality downtime today for our guests to soak up sights or get soaking wet swimming!
Broken Group Islands - Port Alberni
On our last morning of sea kayaking. We'll pack up camp and make our way back to Sechart Dock, where the ferry will pick us up at approximately 3:30 pm. We'll plan to be at the dock by 12 pm so we can unload gear into the totes. At the Sechart dock you we will have our lunch waiting for us. The guides will detail the gear while you eat and enjoy the view. There are two cedar shower rooms at Sechart for a refreshing shower. We'll arrive back at Port Alberni at approximately 7:00 pm. The ferry chef makes a terrific cheese- burger that we strongly recommend for the sailing home. Once we're back in Port Alberni we meet at a restaurant for a final dinner and to say our farewells (dinner not included). Overnight in Port Alberni.
Port Alberni
A full breakfast will be served at the B&B. Check out time is 11:00 am.
Itinerary #02
We would like to meet you the day before the tour departs at our kayak shop at 1167 Helen Road in Ucluelet. Come and meet your guides, try on your wetsuit and pick up your drybags. Check out our quality equipment, new fibreglass kayaks, lightweight fibreglass paddles, we pride ourselves in outfitting you with the best equipment and everything you need to be comfortable. We want to be sure that we have everything organized with you the evening before the trip departs. The tour starts at 8:30 am. We travel together to Toquart Bay, which is where we launch the kayaks for the trip to the Broken Group Islands. Here we unload our equipment and guide you through packing the kayaks. After an equipment orientation, lessons and a safety talk, we begin paddling to the Islands. Our arrival time at the Islands and which island we decide to camp on depends on the physical ability of the group and the weather/sea conditions. The islands are beautiful and lush with vegetation, big giant cedar trees, salal, ferns and white sandy beaches. The water looks tropical, great for swimming on those hot summer days. We provide you with large comfortable Tents and make a kitchen area with a hand wash station and campfire on the beach. All the camps have Solar Composting Toilets maintained by the Park Staff. No fresh water, we bring our own.
Our second paddling day. Each morning we have breakfast at 8:00 and set off paddling at around 9:00 - 9:30. The quality of food that we offer you on this trip is one of the biggest things our guests rave about. Sometimes we keep the camp in one location for the duration of the trip and do day trips from the site, other times we many choose to move the camp during the trip. Each day your guide will be showing you some amazing sites and sharing with you all his favorite places within the 100 islands. Lessons are always available on a variety of topics if you are interested in increasing your skill level. Ask your guide about Navigation, weather interpretation, paddling techniques and camping.
On our third paddling day we continue our exploration of the Islands. With a network of channels, lagoons and sandy beaches, these 100 Islands offer an ideal place for novice and advanced sea kayakers. We navigate the quiet passages of the inner islands, then depending on the abilities of the group members and the weather, paddle to the more open waters of the outer islands. Wildlife is abundant, gray & humback whales, harbour seals, sealions, bald eagles and black tail deer are some the the Barkley Sound inhabitants that you will see.
Our final day of kayaking, today we pack up our kayaks to paddle back to Toquart Bay. We take our time and enjoy the scenery along the way. After lunch, and a day of exploring, we usually arrive at Toquart Bay around 3:30 in the afternoon and then in Ucluelet to your vehicle by 5:00 pm.
Rates per Person in CAD$ (Tour #01)
4 Day Broken Island Group Kayaking
Departure Dates
May, June, July, August & September
Every Sunday
Rates per Person in CAD$ (Tour #02)
7 Day Broken Island Group Kayaking
Departure Dates
May, June, July, August & September
Every Sunday
Services Included
Tour #01 (4 Days)
Transportation from/to Ucluelet
3 Nights Wilderness Camping
Professional Guide Service
Single & Double Fiberglass Kayaks
All Kayak Related Equipment
All Meals
High Quality 3-Season Tent
Sleeping Pad
Sleeping Bag Rental Add $40.00
Departure FRI 8:30 am / Return MON 5:00 pm
Tour #02 (7 Days)
Ferry Transportation from/to Port Alberni
6 Nights Wilderness Camping
Professional Guide Service
Single & Double Fiberglass Kayaks
All Kayak Related Equipment
All Meals & Snacks
High Quality North Face Tent
Sleeping Bag
Therm-a-Rest Pad
Max 8 Clients per Tour