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06 / 07 Day Nootka Sound & Nuchalitz Kayak Trip
KBC #05 Nootka Sound & Nuchalitz
As a remote sea kayaking tour - adventure destination, the exquisite raw beauty of Nootka Sound and the Nuchatlitz is unsurpassed. Our expedition takes place in one of the best sea kayaking tour destinations in the world. Situated on the northwest coast of Nootka Island (the largest island on the west coast of Vancouver Island), the Nuchatlitz archipelago and inlet offers unparalleled paddling opportunities. Rafts of a hundred sea otters are not a rarity in this area; home to one of the largest otter populations in the world. The area is also rich with natural predators (black bears, bald eagles, wolves and more…) creating abundant wildlife viewing and photographic opportunities. Salmon and lingcod are plentiful in the Nuchatlitz. If you are fortunate and should hook one of these spirited fish, prepare yourself for the fight of your life. After helping you land your prize, our guides will assist you in cleaning your catch in preparation for cooking over an open campfire at one of the long secluded beaches we will be calling home for the night. Other highlights include the thrill of paddling in a giant sea cave, showering in a crisp, clean waterfall, native cultural interpretation, mouth watering west coast cuisine and ample time to relax.
Itinerary #01
We will meet at 9:00 a.m. at our designated water taxi pick-up to load gear; our planned departure time will be 10:00 a.m. The water taxi will ferry us into the heart of the beautiful Nuchatlitz archipelago. After the group unloads the gear, the guides will conduct a group kayak orientation, discussing kayak safety as well as how to load your kayak. We will then depart for Benson Point. After the paddle we will sit down for an exquisite salmon dinner, a glass of wine and a beautiful west coast sunset. Paddling time is approximately 3-Hours
After a refreshing natural waterfall shower in the morning, we will have some leisure time to enjoy and explore the sandy beach, take photographs or catch up on journal entries. An afternoon paddle up to the inner basin or cruising for wildlife is a great primer for a hearty dinner, and an evening around the campfire.
Today we will paddle back into the Nuchatlitz Group, possibly fishing from the kayaks or exploring the small islands on our way back to camp at Garden Point. We will also take time to capture photographs of the natural beauty of the area. Paddling time is approximately 4-Hours
An early breakfast and hot coffee as we pack and reflect on the past few days while we await our water taxi pick up to whisk us back to the town of Zeballos. The Nuchatlitz is home to one of the largest sea otter populations on the West Coast of North America. Once hunted to extinction in this area, the sea otter has been reintroduced and is now thriving. They were dearly missed as there removal put the whole ecosystem of the area out of balance. Now with their return the area is thriving in ecological health once again
Moving down the coast to the perfect beaches at Escalante, the group will camp, swim in river pools, play in the surf and explore this very isolated area with its incredible beaches. Paddling time is approximately 4-Hours
Early morning will see the group off to Yuquot (Friendly Cove) to explore this First Nations site where Chief Maquinna of the Nu-chah-nulth people welcomed Captain Cook. Ample time will be allotted to hike the beaches, swim, and visit the lighthouse and historical Spanish church and graveyard. Paddle to the Spanish Pilot Islands to camp for the night. Paddling time is approximately 4-Hours Whales, sea birds, sealion, seals and sea otter can be seen at sea, while Black bears, eagles, deer, and the occassinal wolf or cougar can be observed on the shore. This area is as remote and wild as it gets on Vancouver Island. While sea kayaking we also visit ancient First Nation’s villages of British Columbia that are slowly being absorbed by the even older forests that cover the coastline and islands that dot the region.
Paddle to Tuta Marina and return to SPL by 4 p.m. Paddling time is approximately 5-Hours. If you have a craving for adventure, reasonable fitness, and a desire to kayak and explore an area that few ever get to, then this sea kayaking British Columbia Expedition is for you. Our expert guides know the area, the currents, winds, and of course the best camping and sunset spots! Together with your group, you’ll see sites and visit places that are outside the realm of the modern world, and inaccessible to only a select few. After this trip, you will be one of them.
Rates per Person in CAD$ (Tour #01)
7 Day Nootka Sound & Nuchalitz Kayaking
 Departure Dates
Rates per Person in CAD$ (Tour #02)
6 Day Nootka Sound & Nuchalitz Kayaking
 Departure Dates
July & August
Every Monday
Services Included
Tour #01 (7 Days)
Transportation from/to Strathcona
1 Night Lodge Accommodation
5 Nights Camping
Professional Guide Service
Single & Double Fiberglass Kayaks
All Kayak Related Equipment
All Meals & Snacks
High Quality 3-Season Tent
Sleeping Bag
Mattress Pad
Max 10 Clients per Tour
Tour #02 (6 Days)
Transportation from/to Thasis
5 Nights Camping
Professional Guide Service
Single & Double Fiberglass Kayaks
All Kayak Related Equipment
All Meals & Snacks
High Quality 3-Season Tent
Sleeping Bag
Mattress Pad
Max 10 Clients per Tour
2 Guides per Tour