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Queen Charlotte Island Kayak Tour, Port Moresby Haida Gwaii Kayak Touring, Queen Charlotte Ocean Kayaking, British Columbia Kayak Trips,
First Nations Adventures, Haida Gwaii National Park Kayaking, Queen Charlotte Island Outdoor Nature Adventures, BC Kayaking Trips
10 Day Queen Charlotte Islands
KBC #08 Queen Charlotte Islands – Port Moresby/Gwaii Hanas
Located in the Pacific Northwest between the 52nd and 53rd parallel and roughly 60 nautical miles (100km) from the mainland of British Columbia, lie the Queen Charlotte Islands. Composed of over 140 island and solitary islets, these islands are sometimes referred to as Haida Gwaii or the 'Peoples Islands.' In Gwaii Haanas or 'Islands of Wonder,' there are vast possibilities for exploring Haida village sites, totem poles, abandoned homesteads, temperate rainforests, misty fjords, beaches and coves, all sheltered by the rugged alpine wilderness of the San Christoval Mountains. The Queen Charlotte Islands and South Moresby / Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve can offer a rich variety of marine wildlife including, harbour seals, stellar and salifornia sea lions, pacific white sided dolphins, and migrating humpback and grey whales. Occasionally kayakers are lucky enough to encounter sunfish, small sharks or killer whales. A birders paradise, the archipelago is home to over 25% of British Columbia's Ancient Murrelet population. Through April and May, an abundance of burrowing and nesting sea birds, including petrels, puffins, auklets, grebes, and murres, may be viewed. In the fall the return of the wild salmon provide the largest black bears in North America with a bountiful feast.campsite
This tour of the southern waters of South Moresby / Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve offers a variety of wildlife, exposed shorelines and the world-renowned totems of Ninstints (Sgaang Gwaii). From Hot springs Island to the Unesco World Heritage Site, the endless opportunities to explore and unveil the secrets in the 'Heart of Gwaii Haanas' await you.

This trip is an expedition style sea kayak tour. We start with a pick-up at your accommodation in Sandspit, the location of the islands= main airport. We drive about 50 km on logging roads to Moresby Camp where our boat transport begins. After an hour and 45 minutes we arrive at a remote island in Gwaii Haanas where we will establish a campsite near Hot Springs Island, as camping is not allowed at the springs. A paddling trip to the springs for a soak may be made that evening, familiarizing the group with the kayaks.

Once across Juan Perez Sound, weather permitting; we will paddle the rarely explored, rugged, eastern shoreline of Burnaby Island, bringing us to Skincuttle Inlet. This inlet is sheltered from the open waters of Hectate Strait by chains of islands known as the Copper and Bolkus Islands. These Ecological Reserves are known nesting sites for the Cassins Auklet and rare Ancient Murrelet. Rich in Mineral deposits (Iron and Copper) this area attracted many prospectors from the 1860's on into the 1960's.

It is also an area of Haida myth and pre-contact history. In legend, "the events centre on a reef, a zone of transition between cosmic zones resulting from the fluctuation of the tide. The name of this reef was Xa'ga... When Xa'ga emerged from the waters, Foam-Woman was sitting upon it.

Around the edges of the reef were other supernatural beings, but she permitted none of them to come near. If anyone attempted it, she looked at him and winked her eyes, when lightning shot forth and drove him back. Foam-Woman had many breasts, at each of which she nursed a grandmother of one of the various Raven families among the Haida." (George F. MacDonald, Haida Monumental Art, p.11)

After exploring in Skincuttle Inlet we start south again crossing Ikeda Cove and Collison Bay travelling into the richer southern waters. The open waters and strong currents along Moresby Island create ideal conditions for plankton, krill and herring, attracting a plethora of wildlife. Whales and bird species that are not often found in the more sheltered waters to the north congregate here. Weather and tides can present challenging paddling conditions towards the southern tip of the San Christoval Mountains.

Once we cross Carpenter Bay and round Benjamin Point we head south-westward into the fast flowing Houston Stewart Channel. Taking advantage of these currents we paddle into the more sheltered water near the small homestead of Rose Harbour. A once flourishing whaling station from 1905 to 1942, Rose Harbour now has a population of 6 hardy west coast characters and offers rustic accommodation and excellent local cuisine for travelers.

This brings us near to our goal, the old village site of Sgaang Gwaii, the UNESCO World Heritage Site which is located on Anthony Island. This island jewel is situated off the rugged and windswept west coast, and boasts the largest number of original standing totem poles in the world. Although we travel out only a small distance, the wild ruggedness of the open Pacific coastline usually sends tingles through even the most seasoned visitor, and the power of the underlying Pacific swell sets the rhythm for the day.

On the final day, our adventure will take a new turn as a Twin Otter seaplane arrives to exchange guests, and you wing your way back to Sandspit (in minutes) over the waters that you've spent more than a week getting to know. 

Our goal is to travel safely in accordance with the weather, tides and general interests of the group. Make note that this area is a rain forest and weather conditions are a daily consideration. The pace is relaxed and throughout this tour we will make time to beach comb for Japanese glass balls, walk in old growth forests, or even hike in the alpine of the San Christoval Mountains.

This tour has been described paddling north to south. Please note, depending on the date, this tour may be paddled from south to north.

From Hot springs Island to the Unesco World Heritage Site of Sgaang Gwaii, the endless opportunities to explore and unveil the secrets in the 'Heart of Gwaii Haanas' await you.

Rates per Person in CAD$
10 Day Queen Charlotte Islands
 Departure Dates
15, 27
12, 25
Services Included
• Transportation from/to Sandspit
• 10 Day Kayak Tour
• Professional Guide Service
• Single & Double Fiberglass Kayaks
• All Kayak Related Equipment
• All Meals
• High Quality Mountain Hardware Tent
• GST Tax
• Drybags
• Field Books
• Paddling Jacket
• Safety Equipment
• Use of Hydrophones
• Headlamp
• Sea Kayak Instructions
• National Park Fee