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Welcome to the West Canada Shopping Page.
Alaska Canada Seafood, Fresh Smoked Alaska Salmon, Smoked Pacific King Salmon, Alaska Halibut
Alaska King Crabs, Vancouver Seafood Store, Fresh BC Seafood, Maine Lobster Shop
 Fresh & Smoked Seafood
 Rates in CAD $
 Cold Smoked Sockeye Salmon Lox
 A premium smoked salmon with a distinctive bright red meat color and a firm texture. The oil content is very high - only slightly lower than of a King Salmon, which gives the meat a nice rich flavor. Nowhere on earth are Sockeye as plentiful as in the Bristol Bay in Western Alaska and in the rivers of the Kenai Peninsula. Pre-sliced / or whole site
$23.00 per pound
 Peppered Hot Smoked Salmon
Fresh Salmon fillets are smothered with Spicy Cayenne pepper, Cajun seasoning, and a zesty mixture of brown sugar, black pepper and garlic salt and then slowly cured for 24 hours in a dry brine and hot smoked over Alderwood coals.
$18.00 per pound
 Fresh Sockeye Salmon Steaks / Filets
The succulent red meat of the salmon is currently Alaska's most popular fish. Caught in the rivers and streams - or off the Alaskan coasts, the Salmon high Omega 3 oil content continues to make it a healthy choice whether grilled, broiled or poached. Cut into single serving steaks ( appr 4 steaks pr pound ) or filets ( appr. 2 pounds per filet ).
$14.00 Steaks / pound
$16.00 Filets / pound
 Fresh Halibut Steaks
Pulled "fighting fresh" from the icy waters of Alaska, the naturally lean and flavorful fish is delicious fried, grilled, broiled or baked. Alaska halibut has earned his well deserved reputation as the worlds premier white fish. It combines a sweet delicate flavor with a firm texture.
$15.00 Filet / pound
 Fresh Dungeness Crab
Only found in the waters off the North Pacific coast line, Dungeness Crabs are a true Alaska & Pacific Northwest treasure. No other crab rivals its sweet, delicate taste when dipped in drawn butter and enjoyed with a Pouilly Fume, Chablis or Pinot Blanc. A wonderful appetizer, or a meal in itself. 1.5 Pounds Average Weight per Crab.
$12.00 per pound
 Copper River Salmon
Just east of Prince William Sound near the town of Cordova, the powerful waters of the Copper River flow over a massive delta to meet the Pacific Ocean. Only the strongest and most determined salmon are able to challenge these waters and make the 300 mile journey to the rivers headwaters. Copper River Wild Salmon retains the highest oil content of any salmon in the world - which is responsible for the top quality and the reputation as best tasting salmon on the market. Order now to receive Copper River Salmon - the very best Alaska has to offer. The fresh salmon is hand selected and processed immediately. Our flash frozen salmon is just hours out of the ocean and then individually vacuum packed to preserve the freshness.
$25.00 per pound
 King Crab
The Alaska Kodiak & Norton Sound Red King Crabs are recognized as the most popular choice among crab connoisseurs in the world. These gigantic deep-sea crabs are taken from the icy waters of the North Pacific and Bering Sea. Our sought after King Crab delicacy may be enjoyed with a fine Chardonnay, Chablis or Puilly-Fume
$130.00 5 pounds
 Snow Crab
A smaller cousin to the Alaskan King Crab, the sweet, abundant meat is best when steamed and dipped in drawn butter. Typically ordered fully cooked, Snow Crab Clusters present a quick and easy way to treat your family and guests to a true culinary delight. Match its taste with a Chardonnay, Chablis or Pouilly-Fume and you will definitely create a meal to remember.
$88.00 5 pounds