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BC Wildlife Wilderness Safari, British Columbia Ranch & Horseback Riding, Grizzly Bear Camps, Chilkotin Mountain Holidays, Ranch Vacation,
British Columbia Coast Mountains, BC Adventure Trips, West Canada Horse Camps, Guided Horseback Riding Tours, Vancouver Outdoor Tours
4-7 Day Grizzly Bear & Wildlife Photo Tours - Chilcotin Mountains
WLV#10 Grizzly Bears within the Chilcotin Mountains
Grizzly Bear Viewing Tours: Grizzlies are the symbol of the wilderness. View these awesome animals in their natural habitat as they progress through the seasons. In the spring, concentration is in the low meadows during breeding season. Then, follow them into the sub-alpine, examine their territory marker trees, explore their dens and collect data for our Grizzly Study. Ranch based - We leave early in the morning to catch the Grizzlies feeding on the first fresh shoots and grasses of the spring. This is the time when the bear are re-establishing territories, and it is the start of the breeding season. Sightings and photographic opportunities are available throughout the day. Collecting hair samples, documenting sightings and tracks, and studying bear habitat and a winter den are all part of the experience. Viewing is done by a combination of foot and vehicle, returning nightly to Ranch. Camp based - Trails traveled by Grizzly bear through the mountains are marked with rub trees or territory markers. We collect the hair from these trees, and GPS their locations for subsequent mapping and analyses. The alpine meadows provide favored summer feeding ranges, and open areas allow for excellent sightings and photographic opportunities. Viewing is done by foot or by horse, returning nightly to camp(s).

Other Wildlife Viewing Ranch Based Stalk two of the most elusive predators in North America. During the winter when the days are short and food is scarce, the predators are concentrated in the wintering grounds of their prey, moose and Mule deer. Timber Wolf - Sit on the edge of a frozen lake in the early morning and call to a wolf pack. When they respond it will send chills up your spine with the excitement of connecting. Witness nature at it's most cunning, as the Timber wolf pursues it's prey onto a frozen lake. Out on the open ice, prey is vulnerable. From instinct shaped through thousands of years, the wolf knows this and takes full advantage. You'll understand the meaning of "survival of the fittest" as you view the wolf by 4x4 and foot Mountain Lion - With the first signs of the coming winter, instinct for survival forces the Mountain Lion down the mountains to lower elevations in search for its prey of Mule deer and moose. Search the fresh-fallen snow for tracks that can lead to rocky viewpoints. Here, stealth matters when searching out the lairs of the most elusive of our wildlife. You'll witness the intelligence of the Mountain Lion as you shadow his moves by snowmobile, 4x4 and foot. Multi-Specie Big Game Safari Camp Based Mountain goat, moose, Mule deer, Bighorn sheep, Black bear. Each animal requires different habitats and has different habits, so we adjust ours to match. We get out early to each favorite location to view them feeding while the air currents are blowing down the mountain. We read their tracks to locate their midday bedding areas. We feel like an amateur predator with each viewing. Peer down into the lush valley bottom at Black bears feeding on the fresh shoots of grass. In the deep forests of willow, catch a rare sight of the stately Canadian moose. Read tracks to locate the Mountain goat as they lead you to the north facing bluffs where they escape the heat of the day. Search for Bighorn sheep as they traverse the high alpine ridge tops, and watch in silent reverence as the graceful Mule deer graze favored alpine meadows. Viewing is by horse or by foot in prime locations, returning nightly to camp(s). Single-specie Big Game Safari Camp Based Mountain goat, moose, Mule deer, Bighorn sheep, Black bear. Slip into the wilderness, following game trials deep into the mountains. You're in Nature's Bedroom pursuing an animal with thousands of years of instinct ingrained in it to elude you. As you begin to understand how they live, you start to think like them - then you try to get one step ahead. Now you're getting in step with Nature.

You rise and sleep according to their daily habits. You heart pounds as they stalk their prey, and your breathing quickens as they court their mate. Watch as they teach and play with their young, and as they fight to defend their territory. Your eyes and ears are relentlessly alert for the threat of predators, and your mind sharpens with theirs. Viewing is by horse or by foot, at prime times and in prime locations, returning nightly to camp(s).

Please note the following requirements:

Ranch based:
Grizzly Viewing - suited to all Levels
Wildlife Viewing - suited to all Levels

Camp based:
Grizzly Viewing Level II - intermediate to advanced with camping and uneven terrain experience
Grizzly Viewing Level III - advanced only, with wilderness camping, uneven steep terrain experience

Multi-Wildlife Safari:
Level II - intermediate to advanced with camping and uneven terrain experience
Level III - advanced only, with wilderness camping, uneven and steep terrain experience

Single-Wildlife Safari:
Level II - intermediate to advanced with camping and uneven terrain experience
Level III - advanced only, with wilderness camping, uneven and steep terrain experience
Rates per Person in CAD$
Grizzly Bear Viewing Departures Tour
May & June
Monday Thursday / Thursday - Sunday
Ranch Based 04 Days
June & July
Sunday - Saturday
Camp Based 07 Days
Rates 04 Days
Rates - 07 Days
Rates per Person in CAD$
Multi Wildlife Viewing Departures Tour
May & October
Sunday - Saturday
Ranch Based 07 Days
Rates - 07 Days
Services Included
03/05 Night Ranch or Camp Accommodation
All Meals
Professional Naturalist Tour Guide
Transportation on Tours & Wildlife Viewing
Transportation by Horse (Camp Only)