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Churchill Manitoba Bear Tours, Aurora Viewing Manitoba, Hudson Bay Polar Bears, Tundra Buggy Trips, Canada Polar Bears Photo Tour, Arctic Ocean, Aurora Viewing and Photography Tour, Manitoba Northern Lights Tours, Northern Canada Winter Vacation, Canada Winter Holiday
7 Days Hudson Bay Birds, Bears & Beluga Whales
WLV#08 Churchill / Hudson Bay
Overview: The Birds, Bears, and Belugas adventure in July and August combines the thrill of seeing and hearing beluga whales with summer polar bear viewing and more. With a backdrop of tundra alive with flora and fauna, this is our most diverse and unique program. Aside from the belugas and bears, you'll also see a whole host of other wildlife on this trip- caribou, fox (red and Arctic), and birds galore (such species as ptarmigan, Smith’s Longspur, Ross’ and Bonaparte gulls, jaegers, et cetera). In fact, it isn’t unusual for birders to see 100 species over the course of their adventure. Also keep your ears open for the wolves howling in the distance. Of course - we see polar bears in the summer! The bears, like people, are interested in the 57.000 belugas congraiting within the Hudson Bay each summer (though for slightly different reasons) and we’ve witnessed them attempting to hunt the whales from coastal rocks.  We've also often had them in and around the lodge with frequency. You can actually swim with the belugas! We have dry suits for your use and we’ll suit you up with a full snorkel set so that you can see them up close and personal.  Belugas are among the friendliest of whales and are just as curious about people as people are about them.!
Arrive in Churchill – the Polar Bear Capital of the World. If coming in by air you might be lucky enough to see the "bear patrol" escorting one of our great white bears off the runway. Guests arriving by train may have already seen bears, caribou, fox and wolves. Our representative will greet you and introduce you to the tour. We then transfer you to the hotel for the night. Overnight in Churchill.
After breakfast at one of Churchill’s cafés, it’s off to Landing Lake where a breathtaking aerial tour of the Hudson Bay coast will lead you to your lodge for the next 6 days. Be prepared to see huge pods of whales, numerous birds, as well as caribou and of course, the great Ice Bears. The Estuary is a summer favorite for these goliaths and they are regularly seen swimming or basking near the water’s edge. Upon your arrival your hosts will provide a tour of the lodge and get you settled into your room. A thorough orientation about being in polar bear country will be provided prior to any outings.
In the next few days, your expert guides will lead you across tundra and sea on a variety of wilderness adventures. The following will be part of the program although no formal timeline is assigned:

Marine Tours - Tides and weather permitting we will do at least three expeditions by boat to view beluga whales, seals, seabirds, and polar bears. Marine tours are conducted in large, nine man inflatable boats, fully equipped with two way radios, safety gear, floatation jackets for each passenger, and a hydrophone so that you can listen to the whale songs. Each expedition is a half-day in order to coordinate with the high tides. Both refreshments and lunch will be served aboard. Expect to see hundreds of whales per outing! Beluga whales are very curious and social and will investigate visitors with a bold courage expressed by few other creatures. Getting up-close and personal with these awesome creatures is the experience of a lifetime.

Trekking/Walking Tours - These are a daily part of the program and they range from short jaunts to photograph a passing caribou perhaps, to day trips with a pack lunch. These excursions are in the domain of the hardiest of arctic creatures, indigenous people, and explorers and their resoluteness is felt by all who walk this land as they did and do. There is no better way to experience the sheer vastness of the arctic’s flora and fauna. Nesting bird life, fox dens, wild flowers, and caribou are just a few of the sights you will take in. When polar bears are sighted, your guide will advise you about the best way to maintain a safe viewing distance.

Coast by Buggy- See the Hudson Bay coast on our custom made Tundra Tracker. A day trip in one of these vehicles allows us to cover a lot of shoreline searching out wildlife. Lunch is a picnic en route. We provide ample time for exploration and photography of the trail.

Whale Swim and exploration by zodiac - Take to the bay for the ultimate plunge and join the belugas in their watery world. Dry suits will be provided to offset the chill of the Hudson Bay.

Wildlife Photography Workshops – In order to maximize this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, one of your guides is a professional wildlife photographer and he will provide you with casual workshops and professional advice as you shoot.

Ocean Paddles - We have several sea kayaks and canoes on site for your use at any time. Perfect tranquility with only the sound of your dipping paddle and the “sea canaries” is truly awe-inspiring!

Aurora Watching - Yes, you can enjoy the greatest light show on earth in summer especially in the latter part of our season. The northern skies are a perfect ballroom for the aurora but remember, the aurora are best photographed with a tripod so if you’ve got one, bring it along.

Bird Watching – Over 150 species of birds visit this area and our expert guides can help you locate and identify a wide variety of these. Chances are you will add several “lifers” to your book on this trip.

Photo Presentations and Lectures – From “Travel in Bear Country” to “Wildlife of the Arctic” our own northern adventurers will regale you with photos and stories. These conversations provide you the opportunity to learn about the arctic wildlife, landscape, and people.

Rest and Relaxation – Should you decide that curling up by the fireplace with a good book or enjoying a hot drink and sharing stories
After another hearty lodge breakfast, it is time for one last walk on the tundra before packing. Have cameras ready again for the return flight to Churchill as it affords excellent opportunities for great aerial shots. You will arrive in Churchill in time for lunch and your afternoon is then free for browsing the town’s many unique shops. Unless you have requested an extended stay, we will then take you to airport or train station so you can begin your journey home.
Rates per Person in CAD$
July & August
On Request
7 Days / 6 Nights Birds, Bears & Belugas
Services Included
• 6 Nights Lodge Accommodation
• Transfers in Churchill
• Return Air Charter to the Lodge
• Tours and Guide Service at the Lodge as per Itinerary
• Tundra Buggy Tour
• Taxes