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Motorhome & Camper Rentals from/to Whitehorse
Explore beautiful British Columbia in the comfort of your own Motorhome, Van Conversion, or Truck Camper.

Our service package includes: All inclusive rates, daily tour itinerary planning, campground information, road maps, travel literature of your choice and a dedicated multi-lingual customer help line.


The rental station provides coverage of $3 millions public liability and property damage coverage to third party in the case where the client is at fault. The client has two options for insurance coverage on the vehicle they are renting. Most insurance under credit cards is not designed for motorhome values.

1. No insurance purchased:
Clients must leave a $5000.00 deposit which is processed and sign a form agreeing to pay the balance of the market value of the vehicle, should the vehicle be totally destroyed, or pay the appraised value by tow repair shops for partial damage. If clients have a major damage or accident they must turn in to the station at least one day early to allow time to make arrangements for their insurance coverage. The vehicle will not be replaced with another rental unit for the balance of the rental time in the case of an accident. If a third party has caused the accident, it will be the clients responsibility to make sure everything is arranged with the other parties insurance company for repairs. Otherwise, the owness will fall back on the client. The three million dollar liability coverage is subject to $500.00 deductible. It is the clients responsibility to make sure they have the correct insurance coverage. These rules also apply for clients renting our compact cars.

2. Regular insurance:
At a cost of $13.00 per day the client can purchase $2500.00 deductible insurance on the rental vehicle. This includes coverage for collision with another vehicle, upset, fire, theft, vandalism to the vehicle. The $2500.00 deductible applies to damage caused by tree branches, overhead objects, damage while backing up, panel damage or destroying good tires. Any accident involving another vehicle or in excess of $500.00 must have a police report supplied to the station on return. The accident must also have been reported to our station at the time of the occurrence or within 24 hours, regardless of who is at fault. The windshield is not covered by insurance. The cost to replace the windshield is between $500.00 - $750.00 depending on the vehicle. The three million liability is subject to $500.00 deductible.

3. Deluxe insurance:
Deluxe insurance can be purchases at a cost of $17.00 per day with $250.00 deductible for overhead roof damage, tree branch damage, undercarriage damage, and panel damage. Accidents involving another vehicle must be reported to the closest police station and a police report made before the $250.00 deductible applies. Any accident involving another vehicle must be reported to our station immediately and we must have the name, address and insurance details of the other party before the other party leaves the scene of the accident.

Perils not insured or exceptions to the deductible under deluxe insurance:

Rear end corner damage to MH24-MH30 Motorhomes is caused when client is not watching when the back end wings out when turning. This is considered careless driving and is subject to $500.00 deductible.

Damage caused while backing up is subject to $500.00 deductible / the driver must have someone directing him when backing up an R.V. due to poor visibility.

Insurance coverage is only available while traveling on public roads. The client should make sure they are on a public road at all times.

We explain the insurance options to the client when picking up the unit. Any previous damage to the vehicle is marked on our check out sheet and signed by the client.

Windshield coverage and tire insurance:
With deluxe insurance the client has coverage on the windshield subject to the deductible or as follows: One small repairable rock chip = $100.00 per rock chip (max $250.00) Unrepairable rock chips and cracks are subject to the deductible. Our windshields cost between $500.00 - $750.00 to replace. We do not replace the windshield until the driver vision is impaired. This means clients can expect to see previous damage to the windshield but are only responsible for their own damage. Our windshield will not fall out from cracks. The maximum client would have to pay towards the windshield would be $250.00 with deluxe insurance.

There will be a charge to clients of up to $500.00 for any accident involving other vehicles if they are not reported to us within 24 hours regardless of who is considered at fault. When you purchase CDW (regular or deluxe) insurance it does not include vacation interruption protection due to an accident where the client is at fault.

Security deposit:
With regular or deluxe insurance all customers while renting a vehicle must carry a security deposit of $300.00 which must be in the form of a credit card or cash with a passport. All renters must have a credit card in their name in order to rent an R.V. (for insurance reasons).

Vacation interruption: Mechanical breakdown - any repairs costing more than $50.00 must be approved by our station. Clients should phone to our station collect to receive instructions for any repairs they may require. In case of major breakdowns we do not compensate the customer for the first 48 hours after we have been notified. After the first 48 hours we will pay hotel rooms and meals until such time as the vehicle is back on the road or replaced.

There is no insurance coverage and we do not compensate for any breakdown or towing of the vehicle if it is not on a public road or on a road where we restrict travel.

If the clients find problem with the vehicle it is their responsibility to have the problem corrected. We do not compensate for any inconvenience the customer may encounter if we were not notified of the problem or the client did not take the time to have the problem fixed. Recreational vehicles are constantly in need of small adjustments and repairs, especially when they are traveling on rough roads. Any receipts for repairs over $50.00 must be approved by our station. Clients will not be reimbursed if they did not call and request approval for repairs. Under deluxe insurance the tires are subject to $100.00 deductible per occurrence this does not apply to units that will include the Dempster Highway or the NWT Highway to Ft. Simpson on their trip.

Clients are responsible for minor tire repairs.

Care and control of the unit:
In the case for a breakdown or minor accident where the unit is being put in for repairs and the client is receiving another unit. The client is responsible to make sure everything is shut off and the fridge has been thoroughly cleaned and left open to prevent damage. The client must take every precaution to prevent any further damage to the unit.

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